Interior design in Geneva



Custom-built furniture

The Galli adventure begins in a combined workshop and store in Carouge where the family develops its expertise in building high quality furniture.


A workshop of high standards

Galli moves to a new location in Carouge, where the now-renowned craftsmen build tailor-made articles on demand


A store in downtown Geneva

John, the son of founder Jean Galli, shifts the original store to the Place Longemalle in downtown Geneva to come closer to customers and better display the firm’s capabilities.


Interior design

Acquired by René and Roger Lévy, the owners of Gruyeria Bulle, Galli opens a second shop near the railway station so as to offer a larger range of products, including many items from the famous Gruyeria factory.
Galli starts to develop its interior design activities during this time.
Gruyéria SA (lien)


A benchmark brand

The Galli name is now a recognised reference for interior architecture and design. 1969 marks the arrival of Jacques Lévy who follows his uncle as head of the firm.


Establishment of a design office

To better serve its clientele Galli integrates a design office under its roof


A new Galli shop at the Bourg-de-Four

Jacques Lévy’s daughter Joanna arrives in the company to represent the third Galli generation in 1999, along with the opening of a new store at the Bourg-de-Four. This shop becomes Galli’s primary retail outlet in 2009.


A new factory

In parallel to its diversification activities, Galli decides to build a new, high tech factory in 2009. Located in Meyrin, it replaces the historic building in Carouge and houses the furniture and upholstery operations.

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