Sammode, technical lighting expert since 1927.

Sammode is an independent family-owned enterprise specialized in technical industrial and architectural lighting. Sammode was founded in 1927 in Châtillon-sur-Saône (France), by a family from the Vosges region. The fourth generation of managers and employees is now running the company, continuing the tradition of its strong character of rigorous and inventive workers. Sammode is the alliance of the quality of its people and its unique know-how at the service of an increasingly demanding clientele.

With nearly 50 years’ experience of industrial lighting, Sammode is now making this expertise available to the domestic market, with the introduction of its special Sammode Studio range of timelessly stylish luminaires. All the above are now reoriented to a mode domestic use: luminous comfort, luminary quality, choice of power, systems of fixture, functionality, ranging from ambience lighting to security lighting, they come in different form, wall lamp, ceiling lamp or suspended lamp.

Rimbaud suspensions


Rimbaud outdoor wall lights

Musset wall light