At Porada, everything‘s born from the love of the wood.
 The solid wood, worked with the craftsmanship of those who know how to turn a log into a piece of artwork. Porada has its origin from this passion. It was established in 1968 by Luigi Allievi with the aim of expanding the production of chairs, started in 1948. 
Porada’s signature lies in its ability to find the right balance between form and function in every object, together with a taste that is at the same time sober and essential for items made to last in time.

Today as in the past, Porada’s key strength is the human factor. They’re people who for years have become part of this family, who treat products as they would do with something of their own, putting all their care and passion in their daily work. 
Considerable experience in the wood manufacturing and excellent quality gave the Company a solid and well-defined identity, which nowadays express itself in refined products that contribute to design a domestic environment, where the everyday living needs are met.

Dalida chair and shelf

Bayus buffet

Timber chairs and table

Tilly table and chairs

Eolo suspensions light

Aida bed

Tenco table