JNL Collection

The story began in 1992 in Belgium, when two people with complementary personalities met Christian Ji and Alain Lahy, and lined up a single project, the creation of JNL. JNL can now guarantee the design, manufacturing and marketing of a wide-ranging collection. With the inclusion of new materials, their creative efforts will evolve and gain in richness over time.

They aim to provide a subtle combination of modernity, technicality and traditional know-how.
 Thanks to hard work and perseverance JNL was able to bring together all of the different artisans required to manufacture the collection in their own workshop.

Every day the furniture maker benefits from the extensive experience of its cabinet makers, sculptors, ironworkers, upholsterers and seamstresses, who are continually preoccupied with quality, sophistication and comfort.
 In order to provide its clients with the rarity and exclusivity they consider so precious, the 250-person strong production line at JNL was specially designed to manufacture small series. 
JNL is more than a brand name. It is a synonym for a “style” and a way of life recognized by professionals and their clients throughout the world.


Tower Bookshelf
Kitami Lamps

Misfits coffee table

Shanghai sofa

Kuta coffee table
Molière Sofa

Maïa Bed