Gallotti & Radice

1955: two minds, one ambition, one desire. The will to create, transform and interpret. A shared passion: for glass. This is how the ideas studio was born. Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice established an artistic space dedicated to glass decoration. Tradition and innovation came together to enable small-scale yet precious production.

The first pieces included lighting appliances, furnishing items, mirrors. They were all one-of its kind pieces. They were all made exclusively by hand.
 Gallott i& Radice has presently assumed the task and role of continuing, keeping alive, the development of “genuine” glass designs. With sincere respect and careful handling, with authentic poetry and with intense discipline, with patience, reverence, tenacity. With love.

The founding members have always managed the company with passion, commitment and dedication and succeeded in transmitting these values to the new generation. Their approach is aiming at keeping the tradition alive with protocols and with a handcrafted feel, in order to offer a customised service, providing sought-after forms, exclusive solutions, relying on the experience accumulated throughout the years, where expert hands work the glass with care and knowledge transforming it into a product.

Mirror screen Chloé

Dom table

Tortona Bookshelf

Eris hanging lamp
Gong coffee table

First sofa and armchairs